Friday, May 27, 2011

1st courageously surfing till the end!

i think that i shall walk this path that leads to all kinds of waters
whispering mists or


in deep

sing me a loud one oh fearless wind!
Let me ride the deep with your help.
play with me dear emotional waters
carry me

in your
sweet sweep!

and we shall be surf spoken about it
because nothing beats a word aptly put.
So stylishly so with a swoon on top!



FELT ! ! !

never FELT so much FELT
til this
FELT ever so much Entree!


oh and yes!
you been surfin the land too long
'tis a sign 'tis better on water
coz when you FALL you float!
with thine ankle attached to the board
...metaphorically speaking:
++he shan't stray!

**wink wink!**

mila paloma! said...
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mila paloma! said...

and speaking of: being attached to a floating devise will keep my sore ankle secure. And the same self board will not only keep me afloat, but will take me on breezy rides on what is now called "better water"

i am warm bloodied water creature!