Friday, March 25, 2011

the 20th COURAGEOUS entry

COURAGEOUS KIDS these days and how DOLPHINS are an exception

then on chat conversation~~~
11:47 - Hi mommmy
11:47 -- hi baby! u werent online yestterday what did u do? so why did japan kill dolphins? 
11:49   My Itouch ws lobat that's why Japan kills dolphins everyyear mom
11:50   for what?
13:43   so sophiii whyyy they kill dolphins? to eat?

13:44   I guess soo O.o  Search it in YouTube You will see the video
13:46   ok later.. aww i dont wana see =(
13:46   Haha
13:47   but then ... we also eat prok and beek and other stuff oops haha wrong spelling..
            i  mean  pig and cow and chicken =(
13:48   Yeah but they kill dolphins That's why they deserved the tsunami
13:49   awww.. dontt say that baby that was a force of nature..
13:49   Ok:)
13:49   some tsunami from before hit thailand too and thailand dont kill dolphins
13:51  Yeah
13:55  no one deserves ever to be killed =( ... aww so does that mean we shouldnt eat pigs n  
           chicken n cows too? and fish?
13:56   Nooo we always can they're made for that
14:00  i guess.. but then.. i think thats why some ppl are vegetarians.. u know what i mean?
14:00   Haha Yeah
14:01  oh well i think its a choice.. and i think its coz dolphins are cute and so are dogs and cats
            and other pets what u think?
14:01  Yeah and theyre NOT FOOD
14:01  =D OK.... baby i'll be right back ...  ill just eat .. ( FOOD )

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