Thursday, March 10, 2011

the 6th COURAGEOUS entry

Odile says:
March 8, 2011
20:30 me: sophi!!! i posted a video on ur wall WATCH IT =)
20:32 sophi: Ok I will mommy just wait
20:32 me: waht u doing?
20:33 sophi: Nuthin much
20:35 me: what did u do in school?
20:36 sophi: Same thing ,I learned sumthin hehe
20:36 me: hhaaha what did u learn?
20:36 sophi: Things hehe
20:38 me: like???
21:06 me: like??? what things? =p
21:06 sophi: Fractions Hehe
21:07 me: ohhhh.. 1/2 3/4 2/3?
21:07 sophi: Haha Yeah but we have to subtract it and divide and multiply and add ;)
21:07 me: did u answer right?
21:08 sophi: Yeah!!!! So mommy how much is it?
21:08 me: huh?if i add all that i typed?haha i have no idea!
21:08 sophi: Hehehe
21:08 me: so how much?
21:09 sophi: Just wait hehe 6/9
21:10 me: thats the answer?to adding 1/2 3/4 2/3?.... ohhh cool i added na .. in my head
21:10 sophi: Hehe
21:10 me: i thiught tehre was some special trick! haha coz i forgot already
21:11 sophi: Hahaha
21:12 me: i think the dividing was harder
21:12 sophi: Yeah it is kinda Hehe
21:13 me: arent u gonna sleep yet?
21:13 sophi: No not yet I think?
21:13 me: no school tmrw? the boat is 3500 and 3000 for the smaller boat btw
21:14 sophi: Ok thnx mommy!
21:15 me: and u can feed fishies in some island. what happend about ur passport?
21:16 sophi: Idk hehe
21:16 me: whats LDK?
21:18 sophi: Idk
21:18 me: i dont know?
21:18 sophi: Yes it means that
21:18 me: Oh Kaye! wow i learned sumthin new today hahaah
sophi check my status
21:19 sophi: Ok mommy I will
21:24 me: sophi! i tagged u in a post with a photo! it is soooo COOOOL it's for ur birthday hahahaha
21:24 sophi: Really thnx mommy! ;-)
21:26 me: u read it yet? read it! Haha its so nice! i told you!! read the word that are in pentel pen.. i mean words
21:29 sophi: Ok
21:29 me: i suggested friends u with tita bianca.. her name is bee bee on FB.i gotta go babyyyy good night .. i love youuuu! i love the photo! teeheee
21:31 sophi: Ok mommy Gud nyt! Teehee
21:31 me: i am a cooL mom hahahaha ill tag me too!
21:31 sophi: Yeah u r a very cool mom Hehe
21:32 me: and the girl in the pink dress is you! in the future.. just dont be blonde! ok?
21:32 sophi: Heheheh I won't be blonde
21:32 me: ok thanks! *kisses! hugs! gooodnight!
21:33 sophi: Kisses hugs Gud nyt!
21:35 me: wow you can rotate the photo too! anywy k good night baby!
21:36 sophi: Hahah Ok nyt!
March 10
16:09 me: (thinking) So then... i guess the most COURAGEOUS thing i've so far done is to have the SOPHI =)


mila paloma! said...

oh my my mama mia!

makes me want to have a kid too!
ti's very brave indeed, odile
you faced the music
did what had to be done
and sophie is your prize!



Kat said...

'reality is something you rise above'
-lola liza

ate shawie's the coolest, grooviest and prudest mommie dearest ♥




Oren said...

this is one heck of a cool-mom-and-cool-daughter conversation. :)) makes me smile..
love it miss sharon!


@oren.. haha LIKE!