Monday, March 28, 2011


Odile says:
[ the case of truly courageous too late]

Nico was a heroin addict for over 15 years. In the book Songs They Never Play on the Radio, James Young, a member of her band in the 1980s, recalls many examples of her troubling behaviour due to her "overwhelming" addiction.

...shortly before her death,  she finally cleans up her act...

Nico stopped taking heroin and began methadone replacement therapy whilst also embarking upon a regimen of bicycle exercise and healthy eating. 

On 18 July 1988, while on holiday with her son on the Spanish island of Ibiza, Nico had a minor heart attack while riding a bicycle and hit her head as she fell. A passing taxi driver found her unconscious and had difficulty getting her admitted to local hospitals. She was incorrectly diagnosed as suffering from heat-exposure and died at eight o'clock that evening. X-rays later revealed a severe cerebral hemorrhage as the cause of death.[13]
Nico was buried in her mother's plot in Grunewald Forest Cemetery in Berlin, 

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mila paloma! said...

i think i just had a heart hemorrhage....time for a cool change, no matter how late.